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Ebonize Sales

‘Ebonize Sales’ support with information and action that is used to help sales sell more. If you limit this type of information to sales data (stuff like contact name, phone number, email, etc…) we guess you could say that’s true. But, overall, we don’t think this is the right approach

We do make available Sales Data, Sales Consulting and Sales Intelligence, which can and will be used by a sales individual or team to increase the chances of ultimately winning a quality sales opportunity.

If a business exists to make money (and really, what other purpose does the business entity have?) as efficiently as possible, and the role of sales is to create the revenue streams as effectively as possible, then isn’t sales intelligence potentially the most important information a company can generate? ‘Ebonize Sales’ support the organizations in all the phases in the sales cycle including pre-sales, sales support, selling, post-sales and other related activities.

There are so many research initiatives that clamour for budget. When deciding which efforts to support, give the proper amount of gravity to those projects that will have a direct effect on a company’s ability to sell more effectively in a market against the competitive landscape. Your company will benefit from this approach.

Sales people need more than contact data to be productive. Having relevant information and news on accounts and contacts makes getting into new opportunities easier and has a huge impact on revenue.

We provide the quantifiable facts and figures about prospects, including company and contact details as well as financials, being pulled from a variety of sources by our experts. We make every effort about prospective companies to provide accurate, relevant and timely business insights on their current initiatives and urgent business challenges. We leverage social networks and reference customers for deeper penetration of target accounts and to develop a sophisticated understanding of target companies and contacts and build lasting, positive relationships. We'd love to show you how our information solutions can help power your sales and marketing to new levels of efficiency and performance. Also we fill the gap between your sales force and revenue by supporting on field services and consulting. We help you to grow and grow with you.

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