• Ebonize Solutions is an answer to a problem! ‘Ebonize Solutions’ is established to provide solutions for many technological needs with a unique blend of the best creative and technologically effective ideas, that satisfies the demands of day to day life.

    To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. A business solution may be changing how the people do work or providing a technical solution to help make their job easy.

    We help customers implement the best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, business intelligence, analysis and enhancing productivity. Ebonize portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs by providing software support, sales intelligence, consulting services and training.

  • We have pertinent expertise in the Information Technology domain, with a base of highly satisfied customers who always endorse us.

    Ebonize Solutions comprise of three divisions named as Ebonize IT, Ebonize Sales and Ebonize Learning, through which we offer varied solutions and services to our esteemed customers, which includes ‘My Child’ mobile app, Institution Management System, Pumper Device (eFarm), Learning Studio, Asset Management System, all Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Cloud Computing and so on....

  • Solutions that come a long way...

    We understand business change needs, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements, and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties. We’ll be a reliable hand that helps you with solutions for making your business mature, efficient and established.

    The birth of Ebonize scripts the beginning of a differential way to drive technology and speak quality! We offer end to end comprehensive software solutions and consulting services.

    The objective of Ebonize aims to serve and execute service solutions to the entire organization in the best way. We always strive to offer our clients a differential service experience.

    Ebonize…the Quest for Quality

    The Team Ebonize is assembled of professionals who are skilled and trained to develop world class solutions and service delivery to the highest standards. We greet you with the complete software solutions and solutions to all your problems. We provide you with the best solution in the industry, which, for our customers a platform to re-engineer their business processes to achieve bigger heights. We always put emphasis on building long term relationship with our customers and partners. We grow with them and we help them to grow! Ebonize is a team of potential capacities assorted with technology and management, certifies that the process flow is seamless and at the top. We offer solutions and services par superior quality and a measure of excellence that satisfies all our customers

  • Technology drives...quality speaks...

    Through research and development activities, we ensure continuous improvement and high standards to bring innovation and professionalism in executing projects. The concept of eSchool was launched to provide and meet the complete requirements of a school, college, university and teaching institutes. Followed by eSchool, Ebonize introduced solutions such as eWeb, eHealth, eConsulting, eFarm etc.

  • Vision

    To be the preferred choice of the customers and recognized as a reliable and quality provider of service solutions, committed to deliver excellence, highly valued by its customers and partners.


    To inspire, empower and commit ourselves to ensure superior quality in terms of solutions, customer service, values etc. We are driven by our customers and service beyond excellence.

    We engage and collaborate with our partners to be the most trusted and reliable partner for support. To join hands on a common platform with partners, clients, associates and all the stake holders to deliver the best solutions.

    Ensure continuous improvement and high standards to bring innovation and professionalism in our deeds. Our effort and focus is to execute customer friendly solutions in order to be the most preferred choice of our customers and partners.

    We care on delivering our portfolio with a difference. We are striving to change the way the world sees our customers and partners, by providing a differential experience on the associated platforms.

Our Values

We respect, admire and follow our core values which influence and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. This helps us to develop and maintain a positive relationship with the entire stakeholders, thus to be a part of the society; social responsibility and accountability for all. Ebonize, in turn, becomes the favourite and reliable choice of the customers and partners which underlines ‘the zeal that you trust’.

The values that bind us to think big & serve better!

  1. Quality (our motto)
  2. Team Work (our energy)
  3. Innovation (our spirit)
  4. Integrity (our culture).
  5. Professionalism (our action)
  6. Customer-Centric (our attitude)
  7. Relationship (our foundation)
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